BLUNOTTE’s expertise is spread to event set-ups through Passion and Flexibility, because every event deserves to be unique and exclusive

Enjoy and entertain, discovering stories and traditions of Italian and international wineries.

In order to grant yourself a moment of a kind filled with uniqueness and speciality

A good way of living can’t exist if there is not good drinking

Natural Structures & Creative Moods

Photography is our life's work and passion and would love to be a part of telling yours...

Our Location

Locations are the key elements for an event because they draw and trace it’s stile by communicating something unforgettable, real, unique and special.
Castles, historic abodes, lofts, museums and greenhouses are only some of all the numerous locations that we offer. We constantly try to help you find the perfect space that best represents and mirrors yourself and that is going to be able to offer you one of the most breathtaking emotions and experiences of your whole life.

Our Services


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