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Our Story

Fausto Palumbo

Co Founder & Manager

Fausto Palumbo, of Sardinian origin, is the founder of Banquetopolis Downtown Events, an events project.

He has deep family roots in Sardinia and around Italy from Sicily to Apulia and from Rome to Piedmont; his love for big cities, arts, music, fashion and history, brought him to the lively and avant-garde city of Milan.

From a young age Fausto has nourished a strong curiosity, which has turned into a passion, for the organization of events, coordination and design of the locations. Fausto loves order and all aspects of management, including the home, a quality that his mother has passed on to him.

His first experience was when he was only eleven years old, on the occasion of a patronal feast where Fausto dedicated himself to coordinating a group of twenty young people. From this first experience he has preserved the pleasure and taste of authenticity in the search for beauty in every event, colors, shapes, harmony of images, scents. Each of his events is not only a dream, but something that remains under the skin and returns the images of a unique experience.

This Fausto searches in every event, with the care of every detail and grasping that harmony in accordance with the requests of the interested party and in the indecision of those, looking for the right suggestions and appropriate proposals.

He didn’t spend much time at school because he soon projected himself into the world of work. He has travelled all over Europe, North and South America, sailed the Caribbean seas on cruise ships, working, attending seminars and training courses. Fausto has thirty years of experience in the design of various events and has a great focus on design and a sense of style in every event. He has designed and produced weddings, tasting dinners, corporate parties, large gala evenings, parties in general, team building, non-profit fundraising, concerts, fashion shows. Designing an event involves the need to have everything under control, to manage the unexpected, from the choice of the location, to the best materials to use, using trusted collaborators. One of Fausto’s strengths is its know-how: a list of countless names and contact numbers for the best planning, coordination and execution of extraordinary events.

Over the years he has grown to love wedding planning and specializes in “Day-of-Wedding, Event Design & Coordination”.

Fausto believes that giving back to the community is fundamental to every human being; he belongs to many civic and non-profit organizations. He currently works with Vidas and various other associations.