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Glauco Patisserie

Glauco Patisserie is an artisan pastry that was born from the entrepreneurial spirit of Glauco Seafood Restaurant’s founder that, after he managed to achieve certain eulogy in the catering area and field, he chose the meneghina capitol in order to present a new project characterized by sweets. All of the settings that are researched by Glauco Patisserie are situated in a suggestive and elegant palace in Viale Abruzzi inside which the stylistic decision brings back and remembers the atmosphere and eternal beauty signed Glauco,

Glauco Patisserie offers an extraordinary variety of delicious and delectable chocolates, mignons, pralines, excellent cakes and products that are created every single day with love and passion inside the in view workshop. The pastry shop offers high-quality products that are all realized and made in compliance with primary sources, production processes and the esthetics of multiple  and various shapes.